White Papers for Hotel and Motel - Managing and Operating

  • The Ultimate Linen Buying Guide

    The ultimate linen buying guide for bed linen, terry, pool towels, lounge chair covers, robes, slippers, spa, and table linen is tailored to your preferences and budget. We use only premium materials in crafting our linens, ensuring their durability and longevity.
  • Kessick Wine Storage Design Catalog

    Kessick designs and manufactures design storage to meet every need. From beautiful furniture-grade cabinetry to beautiful "floating" Elevation cradles, we have what your client is looking for. Our design series catalog will introduce you to our extensive offerings. All of our wine storage is...
  • Hospitality Presentation Deck

    Here is a deck showcasing the different products we offer in the hospitality channel. Perfect for hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, cruises, and more.
  • The Origin of the Phrase “Don’t Touch That Dial”

    the remote control for TV became more common and dials faded into the past, “Don’t touch that dial” evolved into “Don’t touch that remote.” That’s because many years ago, there was no such thing as a universal remote—or any remote control, for that matter. The only controls available were...
  • Invisible Waste

    This toolkit will arm hospitality businesses with tools and tips from leading sustainability experts on the simple, energy-efficient steps you can take to contribute to real change.
  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: What Employers Need to Know

    The PWFA went into effect June 27, 2023, and is now fully enforceable. With two new historic laws on the scene, employers may need to adjust current policies or create new ones to comply with the newly expanded protections for mothers in the workforce.
  • Hotel Catalog

    Create custom products for your hotel or resort with Menu Designs. Create custom products for your hotel or resort with Menu Designs. See focused Hotel Products from Menu Designs. Browse menu covers, guest directories, desk blotters, in-room products and more!
  • Humidity Control for Hospitality Industry

    Ensuring indoor spaces within the hospitality industry are healthy and comfortable for guests will aid in providing a positive experience, leaving guests satisfied ensuring repeat business.
  • Learn how to create an engaging in-store environment with the use of ceiling-mounted light boxes!

    Magnlens is an activewear brand that was established in 2019. The brand's vision is to inspire its customers to venture out into the world in style and comfort. Magnlens achieves this by creating each piece with sustainability, high performance, and innovative design in mind. To enhance their...
  • Enhancing Security Measures for Your New Hotel

    As a hotel owner, ensuring the safety and security of your guests is of utmost importance. Beyond providing a comfortable stay and a range of amenities, it is crucial to establish an environment where guests feel protected and confident about the security of their belongings. Incorporating...
  • National Hospital Group Installation

    In late October of 2018, a well-known, National Hospital Group approached us with a request to create a 36 foot Board Table and incorporate commercial construction criteria into it. By early December of 2019, we had we collaborated with their Board, the designer and the AV people to fine-tune...
  • Attention: Hospitality and Facility Managers Do You Have Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are here to stay. With today's ability to travel the world and the fact that these bugs are the ultimate hitch-hiker, you are only as good as your last tenant, guest or visitor. Using Eradi-Flo bed bug heaters, you can effectively kill them using the electrical service available in your...
  • Choosing the Right Size Chandelier

    Most people in the market for chandeliers have a specific location in mind for their special lighting. Dining rooms, music rooms, and two-story entryways are all standard locations for chandeliers. But a chandelier can bring opulence to most any room as long as it is sized right for its location.
  • Mobile POS: A Retail Game Changer

    Mobility and Cash Transactions – Emerging Technology in Retail As retailers begin to install innovative mobile technology, new loss prevention concerns arise. Now, more than ever, resellers and system integrators must become the retailer’s trusted advisor. By deploying IP-enabled devices to...

    Why it makes sense to renovate when the economy is slow.
  • Aramark’s Boffa: Remotely hosted POS gets an A for campus jobs

    The appropriateness of remotely hosting point-of-sale system software for multiple locations and relying on centralized storage for restaurant-level-transaction data has been a point of contention within the industry for years. Among foodservice organizations that would rather test the waters...
  • The Austere Traveller: the effect of corporate cutbacks on hotels

    The economic downturn has altered the landscape for hotels that generate a significant portion of their revenue from business travellers. Budgetary cuts have caused business travellers to place a higher value on the simple aspects of a hotel stay (i.e. quiet rooms, reliable internet...