Aramark’s Boffa: Remotely hosted POS gets an A for campus jobs

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The appropriateness of remotely hosting point-of-sale system software for multiple locations and relying on centralized storage for restaurant-level-transaction data has been a point of contention within the industry for years. Among foodservice organizations that would rather test the waters than talk on this topic is Aramark Higher Education, the college-foodservice arm of Philadelphiabased Aramark Corp. that serves about 400 campuses in North America. AHE has worked with the Simphony hosted-POS technology of Micros Systems Inc. since early 2008 under the guidance of chief information officer and vice president of technology solutions Dominic L. Boffa, who joined Aramark a decade ago after working in consulting, management and other posts for such firms as KPMG Consulting, General Electric Co. and Lockheed Martin.

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