Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association

6520 Platt Ave
West Hills, CA 91307

About Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association

The BLLA was created to unify, empower, educate and advocate for a growing community of creators within the dynamic realm of boutique lifestyle—not only establishing and maintaining industry standards, but boldly advancing its cultural impact and category innovation.

We are your voice and your megaphone. We are your home and your launching pad. A catalyst for trends and unapologetic pioneer, the BLLA is where the best in boutique gathers to become better—from hoteliers and hospitality entrepreneurs to visionaries in retail, fashion, beauty, fitness, and beyond.

Boutique is powerful. Boutique is captivating. And above all, boutique is a global movement that we are proud to lead. Our mission? To counteract corporate monotony and champion creativity. To forget the forgettable and forge the once-in-a-lifetime. To break down doors and link the most brilliant minds in the industry. To build on our now 13-year legacy of reimagining the multifaceted future of boutique—together.

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