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About MBH Architects

MBH Architects is a full-service, multi-disciplinary architectural firm headquartered in a LEED Gold office in the San Francisco Bay with offices in New York City, Denver, and Mumbai. Founded by three ambitious Architects in 1989, MBH is a firm of more than 200 creative professionals who believe in superior design, communication, and technical execution. The firm's areas of expertise include retail, luxury retail, restaurant, workspace, life science laboratory, multi-family housing, hospitality, healthcare and mixed-use project design. MBH's wide array of experience includes over 10,000 projects spanning more than 96 countries worldwide. The firm takes incredible pride in its work and clients' satisfaction by providing an integrated approach to design that is economically and environmentally feasible and socially responsible. MBH is above all, a people-centric firm in design, in its investment in the development of staff, and in engaging the community with the goal of improving lives.

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Products by MBH Architects

By MBH Architects

MBH's architectural expertise includes lighting design services. MBH designers strive to provide clarity to function and ingenuity to form while maintaining a balance between design elements and the analytical, logical and technical issues. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' links... Read more »

By MBH Architects

Our goal for sustainability is to provide an integrated approach to design that is economically feasible and environmentally and socially responsible. We identify the best practices and implement the most appropriate plan for the project and all of its stakeholders, one that can identify... Read more »

By MBH Architects

Contract architects for retail stores and retail centers. Read more »