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  • AiroCide (R) Air Purification Technology from NASA

    Developed by NASA for long duration manned space flight, Airocide (R) bioconversion technology oxidizes damaging molds, microorganisms, dangerous pathogens, destructive VOCs and biological gasses, converting them into harmless water vapor and CO2 without producing Ozone or other harmful... Read More
  • CellBlaster (TM) Universal UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

    Your EDGE at check-in is here...The NEW CellBlaster (TM) Universal UV Sanitizer at your front desk will give your property that edge... a CLEANER image that can mean higher occupancy and more profits! The CellBlaster is compact in size but big on performance. It uses high-intensity germicidal... Read More
  • DeGERM-inator (TM) DG/2 Portable UV SANITIZER

    The DeGERM-nator was the FIRST UV sanitizing "wand", introduced in 1999 and it is still the fastest to use and the most effective germicidal portable UV sanitizer you can buy. Like all Spectroline (R) UV lamps, the DeGERM-inator (TM) is "laboratory grade" and chosen by professional users more... Read More
  • RestAssured P.I.L. (TM) Series UV Inspection LAMPS & KIT

    Rest Assured "invented" personal, portable UV sanitary inspection and in partnership with Spectroline (R) offers the finest, most reliable portable UV lamps for personal and professional use. Read More
  • Sanidyne (TM) Portable UV Area Sanitizer

    Sanidyne(TM) Product Overview The Sanidyne (TM) UV Room/Area Sanitizer is the ideal system to provide that final germicidal sanitizing element to your room cleaning protocols. If you want your rooms "ultra clean" using the Sanidyne after normal cleaning will give your housekeeping efforts the... Read More
  • Spectroline (R) EF-140

    4 Watt GERMICIDAL UV Lamp. 110V 50Hz All aluminum body with super annodized UV reflector to maximize UV output and intensity. The EF Series of Hand-Held Germicidal UV Lamps are also available in larger 6 and 8 watt lamps for sanitizing larger surfaces, such as counter tops, bath surfaces and... Read More
  • Spectroline (R) MiniMAX "Dual Wave"UV Lamp Model UV-5ND

    This portable Spectroline (R) MiniMAX (TM) UV lamp is like having two UV lamps, and their capabilities, in one handy, lightweight unit! It features a Long-wave/Short-wave UV multi-band tube with "Longlife (TM) glass filter (3x5/8 in/7.6x1.6cm) and sliding dual-wavelength selector cover. Use it... Read More

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