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About EcoSolutions by Crane Plumbing

EcoSolutions, a recently formed division of Crane Plumbing, was created to market the newly developed “Green” environmentally friendly residential and commercial bathroom fixtures and complementary products for the “Green” commercial building industry. Hotels/motels, in particular, can and will realize the significant value of Crane’s “Green” products, which were developed to comply with the recent “Green” Initiatives introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA mandates a series of new performance standards for High Efficiency Toilets (HET) and High Efficiency Urinals (HEU); the new performance specifications were finalized on January 24, 2007. The focus of the EPA Water Sense program is to motivate commercial plumbing products manufacturers, like Crane, to develop HET toilets that use 1.28 or less Gallons per Flush (GPF) and urinals that use 50% or less GPF. Crane has developed HET and HEU fixtures as well as variety of complementary sustainable “Green” products such as bathroom partitions; cast iron tubs; plastic showers and tub surrounds; a series of jetted tubs; custom counters with sink basins; and, utility and mop sinks. Crane has also added two patented pressure assisted high efficiency toilets to their product line. The EconoMiser One flushes with the high efficiency of 1 GPF. The EcoMiser Dual offers a dual flush of either 1GPF, when pushing the lever down, or a 1.6 GPF by pushing up. Aside from the money-saving low-water consumption and reduced waste-water flow, the EconoMiser One and Dual produce a very powerful flush that drives the waste and other articles out of the bowl and carries it down the drain line. The most important benefit of the EconoMisers is the virtual elimination of sewage backup, costly repairs and loss of room revenues when guest rooms are uninhabitable. For hotel/motel property owners desiring to purchase the traditional gravity style toilets, EcoSolutions offers HET 1.28 GPF toilets. EcoSolutions also offers HET 1.28 GPF wall hung or floor mounted bowls for hotels/motel currently using flushometer valve bowls. EcoSolutions also offers new .5 GPF urinals which comply with the EPA performance standards. Crane developed this product after researching other products such as the 1.1 GPF UV activated and the waterless urinals. The UV activated urinals flushes when someone approaches as well as leaves the urinal resulting in excessive water consumption. While waterless urinals enjoyed initial success in the market, many commercial users have found out the hard way that waterless urinals require a tremendous amount of maintenance including the removal of debris frequently deposited in the urinals and the purchase of costly replacement cartridges. The recently developed EcoSolutions urinals flush with .5GPF, representing a 50% water-savings and provides all the necessary sanitary functions, such as, flushing the urinal clear of liquid waste and cleansing the back wall of the unit, which is where the majority of the odor emanates. EcoSolutions is virtually a one-stop shop for any property whether it is in the design phase; being upgraded; or, has concerns for the environment and the intrinsic benefits associated with being a “Green” hotel/motel. The products EcoSolutions by Crane offers will literally pay for themselves over and over.

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