Boutique Hotels & Resorts International

1111 Lincoln Road, Fourth Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33139-2439

About Boutique Hotels & Resorts International

Boutique Hotels & Resorts International® awards a distinct identity and global name recognition to authentic boutique hotels and resorts around the world. Created to bring genuine boutique hotels to the forefront for travelers seeking exceptional hotel experiences, Boutique is a full-service alliance featuring inventive marketing and e-distribution with next generation state-of-the-art seamless international GDS & IDS technology that enables independent boutique hotels to compete with the major hotel giants. Boutique originated in Montreux, is headquartered in Miami Beach and features inviting Boutique hotel locations from Palm Beach to Phuket, Houston to Heraklion, Boston to Auckland, London to Capetown and San Diego to Dubai. Please visit for additional information.

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