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MADE IN THE USA. Using a COOL, SAFE, PHOTON process like SUNLIGHT, our units are built out of BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL; 11” X 10” X 8” w/handle-weighs only 9 lbs.- yet covers up to 2,000 sq. ft w/ LIFETIME/WASHABLE 0.5 micron pre-filter that NEVER needs replacement. SUN AIRE is SAFE to run while housekeeping is doing their room redo so room is ready for check-in. SUN AIRE purifiers SAFELY eliminate BACTERIA & VIRUSES; PET/SMOKE/AMMONIA ODORS; MOLD SPORES; ETC. Our units are 25+ year products.

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By Better Living

SAVE TIME & MONEY! You can run our SAFE and EFFECTIVE SUN AIRE purifiers while performing your cleaning duties! When housekeeping is done, the room is ready for immediate check-in. Lifetime, Safe, Simple, Serviceable and MADE IN AMERICA. Cool, Safe, Photon Sunlight UVC process which kills... Read more »