INNfinity Inc.

1620 Alpine Boulevard, Suite 214
Alpine, CA 91901

About INNfinity Inc.

INNfinity V2 property management software boasts a signature one-screen design, placing your world at your fingertips. Its navigational functionality mirrors that of Microsoft products, making it INNtuitive to use and simple to learn. Built with the latest technology on the market today, by its original development team, INNfinity V2's fluidity satiates hotels, remote-site camps and logistics, military facilities, RV parks, and timeshare and fractional ownership properties. Custom work is seamless and upgrades are performed regularly to grow with the demands of INNfinity customers. INNfinity V2's custom guest profiles track the preferences, requests, and spending habits of your most valued guests. Features like INNteractive reports that drill down to reveal detail and hot-link to the guest record exemplify the power of INNfinity V2. With shortcuts like this, what will you do with your free afternoons? Explore the INNfinite possibilities INNfinity V2 software offers your business.

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