Tropical Smoothie Case Study

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Tropical Smoothie Café, known nationally for its eat better. feel better. insignia and wholesome menu, was looking for a way to control its inventory in order to cut excessive food costs. “Our vision is for Tropical Smoothie Café to be the choice for a higher quality, healthier way of life,” stated Jim Valentino, Chief Operating Officer, Tropical Smoothie Café. “However, in order to continue operating a successful business venture, we needed to find a way to reduce the costly food expenses and maximize the profitability of the franchise.” Simply put, Tropical Smoothie Café satisfies customers by providing tasty meals for people who care about what they eat and follow the idea that when you eat better, you feel better. Tropical Smoothie Café has 275 operating locations and with 80 locations in development, the company recognized the importance of an enterprise system that could centrally manage inventory and grow with the continuously expanding franchise.

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