Furniture Refinishing & Repair (18 companies found)

Compare Furniture Refinishing & Repair companies specializing in H.R. and Professional Services for Operations & Purchasing Managers within the Lodging Management industry; including food & beverage, housekeeping & maintenance and security & telecommunications Managers and Directors. Review company profiles and choose the best Furniture Refinishing & Repair companies for your business needs. Subscribe to an RSS feed of Business Chatter and monitor the developments and breakthroughs in Furniture Refinishing & Repair.

  • Refinishing Touch

    The Refinishing Touch is a Global Furniture Asset Management Company specializing in environmentally friendly on-site refinishing and upholstery programs designed to be cost efficient – saving up to 80% Vs. new furniture. A wide selection of fabric is available from our Touch Textiles division,...
  • Carpediem USA LLC

  • IRCA

    Since 1987, IRCA has been providing expert furniture, fixture and equipment installation/liquidation services to the hospitality industry. In addition, IRCA has been providing reupholstery and wood refinishing services, floor and wall covering installation, painting and general contracting...
  • Touch Up

    TOUCH UP: If furniture replacement isn’t in the budget; this onsite (room to room) process will extend your furniture’s life cycle and increase guest scores at a fraction of the cost of replacement. This seven step process restores the furniture to near new appearance. We have been working exclusively...
  • Hatchett Hospitality Inc

  • Suite Upgrades Inc

    Suite Upgrades, Inc. is a nationwide company the offers hotels and executive suites restoration, renovation and liquidation services, specializing in the wood restoration process. Suite Upgrades, Inc. has been in business since 2004 and is a member of Nashville Hotel Lodging Association. Owner,...
  • Furniture Fixture ServicesInc ( FFS Inc)

    We are a full service renovation company. We install furniture and most fininshes like carpet ,VWC, Tile marble and granite.
  • Dr Vinyl of Anchorage

  • New Beginning Designs

    Commerial Residental furniture upholstery architectual woodworking Pew's Chuch furniture, Pastor Chairs, restoration of wood pew's Manufacture cushions and installation of fixed pew cushions
  • Montalbano Majestic International

    We are a family owned and operated company founded 77 years ago with three generations currently active in the business. This team is under the tutelage of our Chairman Thomas Montalbano Sr., who at 95 years of age still works daily in the factory as a master carver for over 84 years. We are a...