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Compare Hearing Assistance companies specializing in Front Desk for Operations & Purchasing Managers within the Lodging Management industry; including food & beverage, housekeeping & maintenance and security & telecommunications Managers and Directors. Review company profiles and choose the best Hearing Assistance companies for your business needs. Subscribe to an RSS feed of Business Chatter and monitor the developments and breakthroughs in Hearing Assistance.

  • HITEC Group International Inc

    Amplified Phones Vision Impaired Products
    Sound Oasis Sound Oasis Sound Conditioner for Tinnitus Therapy: Introducing the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System with Ear Therapy Sound Card for advanced Tinnitus Management Therapy. A next generation sound conditioner and tinnitus therapy product that delivers an unmatched sound environment conducive to relaxation, sleep and improvement of everyday life....
  • Harris Communications

    Portable InfoLoop Induction Loop System: A self-contained portable unit designed for communicating with t-coil hearing aid users, cochlear implant wearers, or those with induction receivers. It is ideal for one-on-one applications such as a check-in counter, front desk, or reception area. Its small size allows it to be conveniently...
  • Pinnacle Communications Corp.

    Mitel PBX Suite: In addition to reducing costs, Pinnacle Communications is helping organizations improve business communications and customer service. By leveraging IP Telephony, organizations can seamlessly and cost-effectively extend corporate phone features and IP-based applications to employees regardless of...
  • Triton

  • Potomac Technology Inc

  • Oval Window Audio

    Satellite III Induction Hearing Loop: Small & large area loop systems widely used in public venues are compatible with just over 50% of hearing aids (no special receivers required!). Battery powered receivers w/ headphones are also available.
  • Cooper Wheelock Inc

    Cooper Wheelock, Inc., is a subsidiary of Cooper Menvier, a division of Cooper Industries, Ltd. (NYSE: CBE). Cooper Wheelock is the global leader in notification. With the ever present need to protect, alert and inform, Cooper Wheelock’s vision is focused on meeting the growing demand for...
  • Telex Communications

  • Inn-Phone

    Quality Guest Room Telephones with message waiting & Data port.
  • WCI